Buggles sang Video killed the radio star back in 1979. Well, in 2019, radio is still alive and David has been a fan for as long as Buggles’ infectious pop anthem has been vibrating across the airwaves. He dipped his toe into radio as an undergraduate, writing news scripts and executing news feature interviews for Newcastle University student radio. His career took him along a different path but his desire to work in audio journalism never left him. He got his chance to reconnect through a Podcasting class – led by lecturer Matt Walsh – during his Master’s studies at HKU’s JMSC. He drew upon the techniques he developed during two earlier classes – writing for broadcast and news anchoring – and learned how to produce his own podcast episodes using a Zoom H6 recorder and Adobe Audition. His studies also led to an avid consumption of a wide range of podcasts as he sought to understand good audio story-telling and how best to market podcast productions. David teamed with a classmate to produce an episode of the class podcast project, China Echo, and then went solo. He planned, scripted, recorded, edited and published Off The Bridle.


Off The Bridle is a podcast about horse racing from the perspective of the jockeys who ride on the tough Hong Kong circuit. In Episode 1, David interviews Hong Kong’s champion jockey Zac Purton and explores how jockeys, despite being elite athletes, break basic rules of athletic preparation as they waste down to ‘make weight’, essentially dehydrating and starving their bodies of energy before competing.


China Echo was the first podcast project produced by students at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong. Each episode shared  a selection of news items from Chinese language media that had not yet been covered in English language news, and also looked at what was trending on Sina Weibo.